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Landlord and tenant is a difficult and specialist area of law, and you do not want to leave yourself open to possible claims for unlawful eviction or harassment by your tenant. We can offer you expert, uncomplicated, and above all practical, advice on how to try to resolve any problems with tenants, and also in navigating the complex legal requirements when trying to bring a tenancy to an end.

An early assessment of the legal merits of your case will give you a realistic view of your chances of success. It will also provide you with the confidence you need to decide whether negotiation with the tenant is possible, or whether stronger legal action is required. We will discuss with you the solutions that may result in your case being settled without the need for court proceedings. We believe that the best results can be achieved by a focussed approach and the ability to negotiate in highly contentious situations. However, if settlement is not possible we provide focused support, practical guidance, and effective representation in taking your matter to Court.

If you simply wish to bring the tenancy to an end then we can advise you on which methods are open to you. There are numerous ways to determine a tenancy, based not only on the type of tenancy that has been entered into, but also on the date of the tenancy, the facts of your case, time frames and costs. We can offer fixed fee rates for most forms of possession proceedings.


As solicitors experienced in landlord and tenant law we often see tenants coming to us for advice on:

  • Potential eviction proceedings;
  • The landlord’s responsibilities under the Tenancy Deposit Scheme;
  • How to force a landlord to comply with the Tenancy Agreement;
  • Remedying breaches by the landlord of the Agreement.;
  • The legal and practical ramifications of one or more people leaving the property when the tenancy is in joint names;
  • Harassing behaviour by the landlord;
  • Unlawful eviction.

We are happy to discuss these matters with you, and represent you if you wish.

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